People To Follow

This page is dedicated to the people that are instrumental in providing Americans with the truth about American history and policy. This page is a working document and will be updated as information becomes available.

  1. Noam Chomsky
  2. Chalmers Johnson
  3. Johan Galtung
  4. Gerald Horne
  5. Glen Ford
  6. Chris Hedges
  7. Richard Wolff
  8. Ralph Nader
  9. David Harvey
  10. John Kiriakou
  11. Max Blumenthal
  12. Frances Moore Lappe
  13. Khalil Muhammad
  14. Mark Crispin Miller
  15. Peter L. P. Simpson
  16. Anthony Arnove
  17. Kali Akuno
  18. Charlie LeDuff
  19. Juan Gonzalez
  20. Carl C. Anthony
  21. ¬†Aaron Mate’
  22. David North

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