The purpose of this blog is to provide people with a central location for knowledge. I selected the title “Thoughts of an American Minion”  from my time in the U. S. Navy. I was sent an email from my commander that he received from a government official requesting information about a program I was managing. In the email the sender referred to the commander’s people as minions. Since I was an enlisted person the email was sent to me. You have to understand that the military is organized just like society. Employers are the military officers and the employees are the minions of society.

I decided that I would try and give the minions of American society, people like me, a voice and the information needed to make informed decisions about their country. I am attempting to do this by providing a website that provides links and documents to information about what I call the  “gears of society.” I look at society as a gear box with five gears: energy, transportation, food, education, and health/dental care. In my opinion these gears of society should not be for-profit systems. Each gear is required for society to function. If one gear is destroyed the gearbox stops functioning. Therefore these vital systems are to important to be in the hands of a corporation. Nor should they solely be in the hands of politicians. The citizens of any society should have a say into how these systems are manged.

I hope you find this site useful and informative. Please above all do your own research. You can start by researching this quote “I’d rather die on my feet than to live on my knees.”