The Unification of Civilization

The unification of civilization is the only hope for the human race.

Everyone talks about income inequality and how Corporate America has abandoned the United States. All of this is true and will never change. It will not change because society as it is designed today has no true purpose. I live in Virginia Beach and the only jobs created are service jobs that pay poverty wages or defense jobs. Most new businesses opening are microbreweries or taco shops. Currently there is no industry that can sustain a growing population or improve society.  This is because every industry created is created for profits and not for the purpose of moving humanity forward. In addition, at the end of the day or week everyone’s labor has accomplished nothing, regarding improvements to global society. The transportation system hasn’t improved, the energy system hasn’t improved, and the list goes on. If we are going to save the country or the human species, we must have a paradigm shift in the way we view society and life. The only industry that I can think of that can support a growing population and possibly save the human species is manned space exploration. Currently we are depleting the world’s natural resources and at the end of the day we have accomplished nothing, and we are still stuck on this planet. We need to build the Starship Enterprise. We must give humanity a true purpose. A purpose other than mindless consuming. We must create a global mission for humanity. Some people will argue that humans will just go throughout the galaxy and destroy everything they discover just for the resources, just like on Earth. I disagree with this argument because the galaxy is vast and by the time humans reach the end of our solar system I believe humans will have evolved and will no longer live a self-destructive life.

In addition to giving global society a true purpose or mission, we need to restructure society from a hierarchical society to a horizontal society.  Every human on the planet should have a voice on how the resources are being used and on what the managers of society are doing. Our current political system allows its citizens to vote for a representative and that’s it. Citizens in general have no input or control over the choices and actions of these representatives. Representatives constantly go against the will of their citizens which leads to social unrest and wars. If we look at the current organization of humanity we will see that the world is organized in a hierarchical structure. Currently we have nations, cities, and towns. At the nation level we have world powers and a leading world power or empire. Within nations you have cities and towns. The national level dictates to the city level and the city level dictates to the town level. This is a very simplistic example of current social structurer, but I think you get the idea. The first step in restructuring global society is to restructure the United Nations (UN) from its current organization. Currently the UN doesn’t prevent wars, starvation or environmental destruction. The UN must be restructured from a representative of nations to a United Earth Federation (UEF) that is chartered to advance civilization from Type 0 to Type 1 civilization. The UEF would also be chartered to manage the Earth’s resources to ensure the resources are not being depleted on wasteful or destructive technology or consumer products. Table 1, United Earth Federation Responsibilities, outlines the UEF’s responsibilities.

Table 1

United Earth Federation Responsibilities

Ensure the welfare of every human being.

Identify and mange Earth’s resources.

Manage the development of technology to ensure it’s used for the advancement of humanity.

Manage the biosphere to ensure the planet is healthy for all living inhabitants.

Manage the security of the planet from possible invasion.

Manage the development of manned space exploration

The UEF must ensure that every human being has the necessities (food, water, healthcare, education, transportation, lodging, and communication).  To accomplish these responsibilities, the UEF must identify every human on the planet and assess the person’s state of being. The world’s resources will first be used to provide the necessities to rid the world of famine, unnecessary death, and to provide a global standardized living standard. Cities must be modernized with the latest technology and designed to accommodate each citizen at a standardized quality of living. The “Venus Project” provides  examples of modern cities that can be built to provide every human a high standard of  living.

Throughout the history of civilization there have been and still are wars upon wars. This is because one group of people don’t understand another group of people or for the resources that are in the hands of another group of people. However today, we all are aware of every group of people in every area of the world. We also are aware of the resources that’s available on the planet. We however, still live in a world of us verses them. This us verses them is in the form of Nations. As long as there are Nations in the world there will be wars. Todays wars are not the product of fear from not knowing about another group of people but are mainly over resources. For example, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, holds 63% of the world’s Cobalt.  Cobalt is used in electronics and world empires are in covert wars in Africa to control this mineral. As stated earlier our current system of living is based on mindless consumption. This mindless consumption is driving the planet to become uninhabitable by changing the chemistry of the atmosphere. These changes are the product of burning fossil fuels, however; more accurately it’s because of our life style of mindless consumption. Human behavior has been programed to acquire social status. I call it the pedestal syndrome. Everyone wants to be on the center pedestal having people to look up at them. The United States Justice System is a prime example of this syndrome with the judge towering over everyone else in the courtroom as though he or she is God. I recommend everyone do some research on human behavior to better understand why we do what we do. Professor Sapolsky is a good source for information on human behavior.

Before the UEF can be established there must be a global reorganization of global society. Nations and militaries are an outdated concept that must be disestablished. Many people will push back against having one ruling entity, but we already have this established, it’s called The United States or the American Empire. However, the Empire doesn’t exist for the good of all humanity but as all Empires in the past, only for their own self-interest. The first step in unifying the world in one true global civilization is to bring all militaries under the control of the UEF. The purpose of a unified military is not to attack or invade other nations but to build an Earth Defense Force (EDF) to protect the planet from an alien force or from extinction events from asteroids. The EDF will comprise mainly of high tech weapon systems and not a standing army. By disestablishing nations people will be free to travel throughout the planet without getting permission from another human being. This disestablishment of nations will move civilization closer to creating a Type 1 Civilization. This new civilization will respect and maintain cultures. This preservation of cultures is imperative to the evolution of humans. Science alone cannot advance human evolution because we need culture to give life meaning. However, no one culture can dominate or dictate a global society. This is a fine line to walk and will require enormous open-mindedness.  One of the primary criteria for a Type 1 Civilization is total transparency. Every human must be informed of the activities of the managers of civilization and must provide input and authorization on issues that affect civilization. This can be accomplished by using the technology blockchain. A global dashboard must be created to provide every citizen with the ability to view, comment, and vote on projects affecting civilization. This dashboard can also display the health of the planet, for example, the quality and availability of water, air, food, soil, threats to the planet, etc., and the ability to vote on the expenditure of resources and future projects.

As stated earlier, we are destroying the planet for its resources in order to sustain a system of living that’s based on mindless consumption. One option to avoid the destruction of the planet and to acquire the resources needed to sustain civilization is asteroid mining. We need to preserve this planet for our habitat because there is no planet ‘B.’ We can no longer wait on the market to pursue this adventure because corporations will only invest in business that return short-term profits. This adventure must be a united global adventure for the sole purpose of preserving the human species.  The main focus of the reorganization of global society is to stop the destruction of the planet and to care for every human being. Here is one example that we can do to reduce our consumption of the natural resources. Currently the cell phone industry is a for profit industry and is highly wasteful and destructive. Communication is a system of society and is needed for a functioning society. The reorganization of the communication industry will first require changing the industry from a for-profit to a not-for-profit industry.  Second, we need to build the best cell phone possible based on current technology. We then issue ever human being a cell phone and we don’t issue another cell phone until there is a need to upgrade the hardware. This upgrade decision must take into account the resources needed to manufacture 7.5+ billion cell phones. Currently every year a new model cell phone is for sale for the sole purpose of increasing corporate profits. This is 1700s thinking and we must more away from this destructive thinking. Another way, in the future, that we can reduce our consumption of our planets natural resources is advancing 3-D printer technology and issuing one for every household. My idea is that by having a 3-D printer in your home you can print what you need. For example, if you need a pair of pants, cup, etc., you print one when needed. This will eliminate the for businesses that maintain an inventory and will eliminate many businesses or industries.  Just walk into any big box store and look at all the crap that’s for sale and then add up how many stores are on the planet. No society can sustain itself by consuming its planet’s resources manufacturing a hundred different types of the same item. This duplication is the result of trying to increase corporate profits year after year.

Many people will ask the question what people will do for income generation. This is a valid question and we currently are in a situation where people are being laid-off because of automation. In order to solve this unemployment problem, we first must step back and look at society from a processes perspective. Global society functions on a monetary system. People always refer to our system of living as a capitalist system but this is only parsley true. As we all know, in order to obtain money, we first must have a job. Jobs are created by someone starting a business to sell a widget that society doesn’t really need but has been brainwashed into believing they need it. So, in order to sustain yourself you are required to have a job to obtain money, so you can purchase the goods and services you need. In order words, we all are relying on jobs to magically appear. There is no mechanism in place to insure a job that pays a living wage or wage higher enough to provide a high standard of living is available to every adult. Currently we have a minimum wage established at the federal level but this minimum wage isn’t a living wage and doesn’t take in to account the cost of living per geographic location. Every business is a numbers game. A business must constantly increase sales or at least maintain a profit margin higher enough to sustain its workforce. This is because our system of living is based on consumption. If we don’t consume profits decline and people are unemployed and have no way to sustain themselves. No advance civilization would create or support such a primitive system. If we are going to maintain the monetary system and this way of life, we need to move away from a system of living based on consumption. The first step in ensuring there are jobs available for every human being is to have a massive infrastructure project in every city on the planet. China is currently in the process of building a fully automated city.  There are other examples of modern cities being built. For example, the Neoms Project in Saudi Arabia  and Cite-City in the United States. However, the goal is to create an industry that isn’t built on consumption and will never have a limit and will move humanity forward. That industry as stated earlier is manned space exploration. In order to accomplish this adventure of manned space exploration, the world will have to combine all the current space agencies into one United Earth Space Federation (UESF). For example, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),  Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA),  China National Space Administration (CNSA), etc., will be combine to form the UESF.

I know that people will reject my idea of a united world. However, our current system of living isn’t providing a quality life for all human beings and is driving the natural world or biosphere to collapse. Humans must evolve by changing their view of life and society by rejecting classism, racism, sexism, and nationalism if we are going to survive as a species.  It really comes down to values. To use a phase from the Venus Project; “The choice is ours.

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