A Great Society?

The United States (U.S.) is a nation of people who constantly tell the world that they live in the greatest country in the world. This implies that U.S. society is the greatest society in the world. This in turn implies that the citizens of U.S. society are the greatest people in the world.  If you live in the U.S., you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, am I the greatest person in the world. If you are not, then you don’t live in the greatest society in the world. A society is a collection of individuals. Which means you don’t live in the greatest nation in the world. The U.S. is a nation that was created on genocide, kidnapping, and slavery. The exploitation of the weak has always been the mantra of U.S. society. U.S. society is a hierarchical society that allows a small group of people to create currency out-of-thin-air which can be referred to as virtual currency. This small group of people are referred to as “oligarchs” or “capitalist”. Oligarchs use the currency they create to control the masses through fear. They accomplish this control by employing another group of citizens to threaten, brutalize, jail, and murder non-compliant citizens at gunpoint. This brutality is also what makes U.S. currency valuable because if you think U.S. currency has no value, a man with a gun will come to your home and change your mind.  This group of citizens that’s willing to be the muscle for the oligarchs are called “police.” The first police were slave catchers. The oligarchs also use currency to acquire land or a section of the planet for themselves. The oligarchs don’t care that the section of the planet is currently inhabited by other humans or organic life. The inhabitants are removed or exterminated by force using the group of citizens called “police.” The best example of oligarchs using force to acquire land for their own personal use is the creation of the U.S. These oligarchs are referred to as the “founding fathers.” It is estimated that 100 million Native people were murdered in various ways to create the U.S. Does any of this history sound like a great society?

What kind of society would tolerate this type of behavior from its citizens? A “Great Society” can only be obtained by its citizens being civil and intelligent. Would any civil intelligent species allow so few people to dictate to them on how to live? Would a society of civil intelligent citizens allow a small group of its citizens to threaten and terrorize them at gunpoint? During the U.S. labor movement of the 1880s and early 1900s, striking working-class citizens were brutalized, jailed, and murdered by the police at the behest of the oligarchs. Is this the criteria for a great society? Working-class citizens trying to provide for themselves and their family have always been met with extreme violence by the oligarchs through the police for demanding a decent life. Would a great society brutalize or murder its citizens for wanting a decent life? Noam Chomsky has stated that U.S. society is a business society in that only corporations and corporate profits matter. In other words, citizens in the middle or bottom of U.S. society don’t matter. Is this what a great society looks like? U.S. society is a society that allows corporations to pollute the air, water, food, and soil. And if you try stopping the environment from being polluted by corporations the oligarchs will send the police or their muscle to murder you. No great society would, for one, pollute its environment and two, murder the citizens trying to stop the polluting. The U.S. government labels citizens who try to stop corporations from polluting the environment as “environmental terrorists.” How can a society calling itself great that refers to its citizens that pollute the environment as non-terrorist and citizens who try to stop the polluting as terrorists? What kind of society allows this type of behavior from its citizens? The U.S. claims to be a “democracy” which you would think would lead to creating a great society. However Professor David Graeber questions if democracy exists anywhere or if democracy is a western invention? We as citizens of the U.S. must ask ourselves what kind of society we want to live in? What are our values or what do we value? Do we want to live in a great society or do we really care about society at all? Do we want oligarchs to control our lives? Do we want the muscle for the oligarchs to threaten or terrorize us into obedience? Ask yourself,  if I could create a great society, what would it look like? We have the technology and resources for the first time in human history to create a great global society. The Choice is Ours by The Venus Project and Zeitgeist: The Move by The Zeitgeist Movement are good documentaries for understanding how we can create a great society.

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