Americans wonder why there are mass shootings!

Americans wonder why there are mass shootings in a society that glorifies war and white supremacy. American society is a society of violence and oppression. Europeans being one of the most violent humans on the planet came to North America for the sole purpose of raping the continent of its resources and exterminating anyone who tried to stop them from achieving their goals. These values haven’t changed. The United States (U.S.) government has bombed and invaded Northern Africa and is establishing military bases throughout Africa and conducting special operations in every country on the African continent. The U.S. Government is threatening to use nuclear weapons against North Korea and to bomb and invade Iran. These geopolitical policies are glorified in the corporate media and by politicians at every level of government. Here’s a video of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton glorifying the murder of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi on American corporate media. America’s children watch this glorification and we wonder why there are mass shootings.

America’s law enforcement agencies are one of the most corrupt, violent, and oppressive in the world. African Americans are routinely terrorized and murdered by law enforcement on video and there is no major outcry of a population of 327 plus million people. There is also absolutely no accountability even when law enforcement is caught on video murdering unarmed African Americans in the back and then lying about the events. In addition to citizen videos capturing law enforcement on video, there are multiple corporate television (TV) shows glorifying law enforcement. These TV shows are nothing more than public relation’s propaganda to convince the white population that law enforcement are here to protect you from the non-white community. Not only are there TV shows glorifying law enforcement but politicians are interviewed on corporate media glorifying law enforcement and defending their actions regardless of the evidence. America’s children watch this propaganda and watch the policy makers of this country glorify the brutality of law enforcement and see that there’s no accountability and we wonder why there are mass shootings.

I could go on and on with examples of glorification of violence in American society but there is no need. The history of the U.S. Government has been one of violence and oppression from; the genocide of Native Americans, to the kidnapping and enslavement of Africans, to convict leasing of African Americans after the civil war, to the violent oppression of working class Americans, and to the murder of antiwar and civil rights activists. The bottom line is that America is a violent society that glorifies violence through corporate media and is supported by politicians. America’s children witness this glorification and lack of accountability and we wonder why there are mass shootings.

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